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We are a micro cosmos, we are made of stardust and we have within us all the history, wisdom and light of the Universe.

To look at the sky is to look within, as the sky always mirrors what exists within each one of us. “Above as below” as Hermes Trimegistus teaches us in the Emerald Tablet.

Astrology is one of the seven sacred sciences cultivated by the initiates of the ancient world. It was studied and practiced by all the great nations of antiquity.

Astrology is a symbolic and sacred language.

Astrology is the "science of time". Teach us that there is a rigor in the synchronicities of Life, which does not evolve when one wants to, but when it is time to overcome pain and uncertainties, to gradually transform ourselves into whole Beings

Humanistic and Transpersonal Astrology is the astrology of Man beyond Man, it is the “writing of God”, as Maria Flávia de Monsaraz says. It is astrology in which Man finds himself with his essence and with the purpose of his incarnation, the moment when the particle of light merges with the intelligent Light of the Cosmos.

The topics to be covered in the course:

  • The Zodiac;

  • The elements;

  • Signs and Planets;

  • astrological houses;

  • Aspects between planets.

Astrological Counseling

The "Treasure Map"

The Natal Map is, for each person, their “treasure map”.

It shows what has already been covered, where you are now and what you can become and achieve. It reveals the process and path of individuation.

Each Natal Map is unique, and the proposal it contains is personal and non-transferable.

The “treasure” of the map is the Peace that is found when we fully accept ourselves as we are and absolve ourselves of ancestral pain and deep unconscious guilt.

The “treasure” of the map is the learning of Love, it is a step towards returning to the Father's house.

The Astrologer's role is to help decipher the symbolic and sacred language of the Natal Chart writing.

It is to make known the times of crises and help to understand their meaning, so that they become times of growth.

It's helping to understand where you're coming from and where you're going.

It's giving each person back to themselves.


Vera Craveiro Reis


Studying Astrology since 1992.

Training at QUÍRON – Portuguese Center for Astrology, with Master and Astrologer Maria Flávia de Monsaraz.

Has knowledge of Psychology.

She has a degree in Physics from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Does astrological advice.

Conducts Astrology workshops.

He teaches Astrology.

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