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module 1 - Astrological symbolism

  • The elements

  • the zodiac

  • The axes of the Natal Map

  • The modalities

module 2 - The astrological alphabet

  • The signs and their polarities

  • The houses

  • the planets

module 3 - The astrological language

  • The interaction between:

    • signs and houses

    • planets and signs

    • houses and planets

module 4 – Astrological wealth

  • the planetary aspects

  • Planetary aspects as lines of dialogue between planets

  • Planetary aspects as part of an energy matrix

  • The planetary aspects as tension dynamics or vital energies flow.

Each weekly session will last for 90 min.

Each module will be priced at €40.00 (5€ of this amount will go to a solidarity bank).

Upon registration, each participant will be asked for their data (date of birth, time and place) in order to be provided with their painted Natal Map.

The sessions will have a theoretical and practical nature with direct application of everything that is being worked on.

Supporting materials will be provided via email.

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