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What is Rose Meditation?

It is an active meditation technique with simple visualizations and whose main objective is the transmutation of energy and protection.

It is currently one of the most powerful tools available to us for energetically clearing the chakras and protecting the aura and spaces.

Possessing these techniques is increasingly important for our balance since the contact, direct or indirect, with the other and with the various situations of our daily lives, including news that reach us through the media, films, advertising , etc., energies that are foreign to our essence, coming from other people, such as traumas, painful situations, forms of thoughts, feelings, etc., are deposited in us. We absorb everything like a sponge, without us being aware of it and we feel bad…These are, therefore, energies that, for the most part, do not belong to us, but affect our state of mind without understanding why.

Often the result is that we identify with these energies and come to believe that they are ours. We live with so much confusion and delusional programs within us that we reach the point of not knowing who we truly are.

Benefits of Rose Meditation

Energetic protection gives us the key to live with our own energies and, in this way, to manifest, on a daily basis, what we truly are, that is, pure light. With the practice of Meditation on the Roses, we become true energetic alchemists. In addition to allowing us to clean and protect our own aura and the spaces we frequent, benefiting ourselves, we also benefit those around us, especially those we love the most.

As you do the Rose Meditation every day, you will notice significant changes. You will feel lighter, much more energetic for your daily responsibilities, you will feel more love and compassion for people, you will have neutrality and clarity, among many other things.

This practice makes room for energies of courage, acceptance, joy, freedom, which allows you to have more strength to understand your mission and achieve your dreams, living with more happiness, inner peace and self-fulfillment!

Remember, however, that training is not enough to change your life! It is necessary that you are willing to do this! The change is in you! We only help by providing techniques that help you get where you want to go!

With love!

Course contents:

1. Rose, spiritual symbol

2. History of the rose

3. Validation

4. Rooting

5. Connection to the cosmos

6. Energetic space - aura

7. Rooting expansion

8. Golden sun

9. Roses (various types) - transmute energy

10. Center of the head

11. Magnetic Roses

12. Energy movement

13. Chakras

14. Neutrality

Rose Meditation is also a prerequisite for the aura reading course.

More information:

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