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family constellations

The family constellation is a therapeutic way of promoting an “order” action in the clan, as it shows each one's place. It is not dictate, coercion or fixed rules, but it will always be with deep love. Each together with their clan. It exerts a profound change in the client's “hidden” pattern that makes him suffer. The method puts the love of each member of the family back in its place and, therefore, takes a weight off the soul of those who carry out functions that are not their responsibility in the hierarchy. Ancestors, in the Constellation, regain their place and release later family members to live the world.

The phenomenological method of the Constellation can be considered as a “spiritual surgery” and must be applied in extreme situations, critical and difficult moments. His method of representing members of the client's family initiates a "movement" in the soul field. A system, and the clan is a system, only changes through an external action. The Constellation provides the beginning of this action. It is based on love and the perception of something significant. A family constellation reveals the bonds of fate.

The work takes place in a single session and its result appears immediately in the client's consciousness, determining an immediate change in the perception of the conflict theme. It can be performed in a group or in the office – individually.

“The solution of psychic problems is associated with the discovery of the connections of the soul, in connection with the occurrences and familiar destinies and with the groups and larger contexts that encompass them” (Jakob Robert Schneider)

Marcia Moss

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