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Today's society forces the human being at a maddening pace that transports him to states of constant tension and excitement, which in turn lead to an internal imbalance and conflict with himself and with the other. The great daily responsibilities and concern for problem solving, among other things, lead to inner disharmonization, stress, anxiety, depression and physical health problems (WHO says that at least 80% of modern man's illnesses are of psychosomatic origin). Therefore, it is necessary for the human being to relearn how to relax and take care of himself, living in a healthy and happy way.

The importance of a Relaxation and Self-Control course

This course aims to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of each one, as an individual and unique Being.

The current state of humanity is nothing more than its own reflection...

Nobody can change the world alone, but all together we can change it! And it's so simple: everyone just needs to change themselves. Each of us will have to start with ourselves.

Therefore, we dare to say that this course fulfills a cultural and social function, contributing to the improvement of public health, as it allows everyone to improve their ability to control their bodies, thoughts and emotions. , cultivating health and achieving peace of mind, the greatest treasure one can find.

Particularities and characteristics of the course

This course falls within the scope of Alternative and Complementary Therapies and enables trainees to perform and develop relaxation and personal development techniques for their own and professional benefit.

The course consists of a theoretical and practical component. All the knowledge that constitutes the practical bases of personal development and self-control are provided, as well as the most effective relaxation and visualization techniques to combat current health imbalances caused by stress, the great daily pressures and blockages of ancient origin.

The course consists of 13 modules:

I – The breath.

II – Relaxation.

III – The brain.

IV – The human mind and the laws that govern it.

V - The power of positive thinking.

VI – Concentration and creative visualization.

VII – The subconscious; the higher mind and the Self within.

VIII – The therapeutic power of suggestion.

IX - Self-image and self-esteem.

X - Self-analysis.

XI - Psychosomatic illnesses and mental attitude.

XII – Stress and nervous disorders. Anti-stress exercises.

XIII – The influence of emotions and feelings on health.

At the end, the student will receive a diploma of participation or of relaxation and self-control therapist (subjecting, in this case, to an assessment that allows to assess their ability to carry out therapies individually or to guide relaxation and self-control classes) This diploma is certified by the Therapeutic Center of Leiria, recognized and supported by the Therapist Portal.

***Support Materials:

Manuals and audio files.

Who can take this course?

  • All those aged 18 or over.

  • Those who wish to fully improve their health, interpersonal relationships and their life in general.

  • Those interested in qualifying themselves professionally in the theoretical and practical aspects of this course, in order to use them in their own therapeutic sessions, in order to financially benefit from their work.

  • Those who intend to contribute to the well-being of humanity, spreading and teaching the knowledge included in this course.

  • Those who wish to complete their knowledge in order to improve their performance in various professional areas, in which relaxation is essential: education, health, sports, conventional medicine, alternative, natural, manual, etc.


Isabel Maria

Professional Training Certificate Nº 1209 / 2008


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