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Dorn-Breuss Method

The Dorn-Breuss Method is, in fact, the result of the combination of two techniques:

The Dorn Method (which basically consists of manual readjustment of the spine) and the Breuss Massage (which basically consists of an energy massage on the intervertebral discs). The Dorn Method was created by Dieter Dorn, a German naturalist, and aims to realign the spine and limbs through specific techniques that allow the correct fitting of joints, alignment of vertebrae, allowing to unlock the energy and toxins accumulated along the spine. vertebral. It is a simple, very effective and safe method. However, the Dorn Method cannot be self-applied; only some limb joint adjustment techniques can be done at home by the patient himself. The Breuss Massage was developed by Rudolf Breuss, also of German origin, and also aims to unblock the energy of the spine. It is a gentle and energetic massage that helps to reduce any pain in the spine. It was only in 1988 that Harald Fleig, a fan of the Dorn Method, met Rudolf Breuss and learned from him the so-called "disc massage". Harald Fleig recognized the enormous potential of this type of massage and thought it would be much more effective if combined with the Dorn Method. The effects caused by the Dorn-Breuss Method must not include any kind of pain. Generally, the Breuss Massage is always applied before the Dorn Method. This is because the muscles must be pre-warmed by the Breuss Massage so that the fit of limb joints and vertebral alignment can be improved.

Indications for the use of the Dorn-Breuss Method range from acute conditions with bone and osteoarticular pain, with possible muscle tension and/or stiffness, to chronic musculoskeletal conditions accompanied by pain and/or functional incapacity. The misalignment of the vertebrae and the incorrect fitting of the joints lead to various physical, emotional and mental pathologies that, in turn, result in various disorders.
The Dorn-Breuss Method can be applied to all ages, bedridden patients, neurological patients, obese patients and is also effective in cases of childhood scoliosis and adolescents.

Main clinical indications:
Disc herniation;
Cervicalgia and cervicobrachialgia;
Compression of nerve roots;
Joint pain;
Basin unevenness;
Difference in leg length;
Joint tensions;
Headache (migraine, Headache);
Vision disorders;
Tinitus (sounds in the ear);
High blood pressure and low blood pressure;
Cardiac disorders;
Respiratory disorders;
Menstrual disorders;
Urinary and fecal incontinence;
Digestive disorders;
Neurological diseases;
Lack of concentration.

The Dorn-Breuss Method cannot be applied to people with cancer. In the case of Osteoporosis, the Dorn method cannot be applied, but only the Breuss Massage. People with bone decalcification problems cannot receive exaggerated pressure and traction techniques. This therapy cannot be applied right after a full meal, nor to people who are alcoholic, to people with whiplash syndrome, to people who have recently operated or who have suffered trauma recent physical. It also cannot be applied to people with spina bifida, open wounds, infectious diseases, contagious skin diseases, cysts of unknown origin and high fever.
If symptoms persist, a new treatment is recommended within 1 to 4 weeks after the first session. This therapy must be applied with a minimum of 5 days of difference between each session.

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