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It is a method of personal development that, taught by an accredited person, is a powerful tool for self-discovery and inner growth, indispensable to our evolution.

The Louise Hay Method basically aims to develop our self-esteem and inner harmony, enhancing our creativity. Thus, a conscious work is developed in order to, firstly, identify our self-image (the concepts about ourselves that are deeply imprinted in the subconscious) images that will condition our entire conscious life. If we have negative self-images printed that can have as much to do with our physical aspect (eg my mother was always chubby so I can't help but be too) as with our self-worth, (eg I don't have capacities /knowledge/at will/the right to have a job that makes use of my creative resources and is well paid) these will work, in our subconscious, in order to always create that external reality that we believe we deserve. Once identified the self-concepts that block and sabotage our ability to be more fulfilled, to have more rewarding relationships, to reach the various goals of personal growth we set ourselves, we learn a set of techniques that help us deal with these blocks in sense of overcoming them.

We learn to deal with guilt which is, in my perspective, one of the strongest saboteurs of our inner harmony, as it limits us in a painful, insidious and subtle way. Guilt always seeks punishment (which often turns into illness). Guilt needs forgiveness, as does resentment, which often builds up in our bodies in the form of pent-up emotion and also leads to various illnesses. Knowing that there is a psychophysiological connection, that is, that our body reflects our thought patterns, we can take responsibility for building a more balanced and harmonious physical reality, based on the work of "reprogramming" our mind. We learned the three-dimensional thought process and some techniques for reprogramming negative beliefs, such as affirmations and creative visualization.

This Method also works with:
Self-esteem, Inner Child, anger, fears, criticism, how your birth affects relationships, family patterns, resistance to change, the laws of thought, learning to meditate, negative habit reprogramming techniques, and the INNER CHILD:

- Discovery of the negative and sabotaging beliefs that our Inner Child will have formed from the first manifestations of parental disapproval - which may have been, for example, starting by being born of the "wrong" sex (parents wanting a girl and being born a boy); criticism from parents/family etc., rejection, experiences that may have robbed the Inner Child of spontaneity. From here, we will realize the origin of our low self-esteem and negative beliefs about lack of merit that block our ability to receive well-being in our lives, whether emotional, material or spiritual.
- Learn to identify our Inner Child in all circumstances of life, so that we can better manage our emotions;

The Method helps to develop a full awareness of Prosperity by teaching:

The Universal Principles of Prosperity, discovering and working through resistances to prosperity, releasing resentments, guilt and fears about money, giving and receiving, etc.

The group dynamic creates a very rich sharing that helps to dissolve personal blocks and to have greater pleasure and security in relationships with others. The Louise Hay Method has proven results for thousands of people around the world, contributing to positively transform their lives.

The definition of this Method described above belongs to Dr. Vera Faria Leal (trainer from Fátima Moniz) – World Certifier of Facilitators in Portugal and Brazil, graduated by Louise Hay and accredited by Patricia Crane and Hay House.

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