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Russian Spine Massage

Specialized Russian Massage for the spine uses its own techniques with the aim of activating blood (peripheral) and lymphatic (deep) circulation, aided by the use of oils and with the aim of increasing irrigation and relaxing all the muscles located in the region. of the back.
It is indicated to alleviate back pain, back pain, low back pain, sciatica, brachialgia and all states arising from excessive stress.
- Promotes energy balance;
- Acts on the nervous and circulatory system;
- Provides well-being and improves alertness;
- Relaxes and calms the entire nervous system, leading to analgesia and activation of the central nervous system through touch, heat and pressure;
- Activates the circulatory system;
- Improves irrigation;
- Nourishes muscle and skeletal tissue;
- Facilitates the absorption of hormones;
- Detoxifies the muscles;
- Prevents and combats osteoporosis;
- Improves digestion;
- Activates the urinary system by exchanging fluids in the body;
- Fights cellulite, preventing cell sedimentation;
- Increases blood oxygenation improving breathing and helping to increase the defense of the immune system;
- Prevents illnesses and avoids stress – the causative agent of many illnesses these days.
It is extremely beneficial for many problems, such as symptoms that are due to blockages in the vertebrae.

Migraine and Headache (headache);
Blurred view;
Ringing in the ear;
Numbness in arms and hands;
Burning in arms and hands;
Pains radiating to arms and hands;
Feeling of heaviness in the upper limbs (arms);
Limitation of movement (torticollis).
Shortness of breathe;
Chest pains;
Chest pain radiating to heart area;
Low back:
Intestinal and urinary dysfunction;
Pain radiating to legs (sciatica);
Burning in the legs;
Feeling of heaviness in the legs;
Motion limitation;
Male sexual impotence (transient);
Exacerbated menstrual cramps (hyperlordosis).

The duration of a session of this type of massage is from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the patient's condition.
It should be done once a week or at least once a month to correct and prevent bad posture and muscle pain.

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