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Deep Face & Body Hydration Pack

With heat, the skin tends to become more dehydrated, drier or with imperfections - skin with pimples or more oily. (Ideal after summer or any time of year)

This pack includes:

- 1 Skin cleaning

- 3 deep face moisturizers

- 4 deep body hydrations.

Duration: 60min. / 90min. each session (depending on the treatment)

Pack: €220


Facial Ultrasound & Lymphatic Drainage Pack

Ideal to prepare before the holidays.

This pack includes:

- 4 sessions of facial ultrasound

- 4 sessions of manual full body lymphatic drainage.

Duration: 40min. / 60 min.

Pack: 200€


Eye Contour & Massage Pack

This total rejuvenation pack includes:

- 4 sessions of excellent eye contour treatment.

- 4 massage sessions;

(Relaxing massage, hot stone massage, bamboo massage or Ayurvedic massage.)

*In this pack the client can choose the massage they want or opt for varied massages over the 4 sessions.

Duration: 40min. / 75min.

Pack: 200€

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