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The skin is our shield against external aggressions however, when it is not healthy and balanced, its function is compromised.


Deep skin cleansing

This treatment allows a thorough cleaning of the skin, removing dead cells, comedones and impurities, leaving the skin beautiful, radiant and totally purified.

​It is the facial treatment with which all treatment packages must be started in order to provide greater effectiveness in the intended treatment.

During treatment, all cosmetics used are chosen taking into account the skin's characteristics.

Duration: 90 min.

Session: 35€


Deep Hydration Treatment

Hydration is essential for any type of skin, from the age of 20 onwards, the skin starts to need a reinforced hydration action, to delay the appearance of the first fine lines on the skin, maintain the water balance, promote elasticity and luminosity.

This treatment with the aid of galvanizing currents, helps to effectively combat the signs of time, preserves beauty and prolongs the youth of the face and soul.

Duration: 60 min

Single session: €40 | 6 session plan: €30 - €180


Anti-age & Lift Treatment

Aging is a natural process, but it is possible to delay its appearance.

This treatment combined with ultrasound, increases the efficiency of the active principles used in the treatment.

Its efficiency reveals an improvement in elastic and collagen fibers. It's rejuvenating, firming, a Vitality Boost for firmer, more supple skin and smooth wrinkles.

It also includes a massage with a lift effect.

The results of the treatment will depend on the degree of flaccidity and on the skin's ability to regenerate, being important to repeat the treatment for greater benefits.

Duration: 75 min.

Single session: 46€ | 6-session plan: €36 - €216


Ultrasound facial treatment

Ultrasound is a device that emits sound waves.

It favors the skin's elasticity, making it radiant, smooth and healthy looking, reduces wrinkles, reduces puffiness around the eyes, stimulates circulation, reduces fat and inflammation.

Duration: 40 min.

Single session: €25

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