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What is an aura reading?

Aura reading is a therapy that consists in the perception and interpretation of information that each person has in their aura and that, in some way, influences the present moment, bringing it to awareness. Thus, it is possible to clarify and understand situations that the rational mind does not understand otherwise, so that the person can overcome blocks and heal wounds that affect their daily lives.

Aura is the name given to the energetic, magnetic field that surrounds any body. This energy translates our essence and affects the way we project ourselves in life: our thoughts, feelings, attitudes...

The aura reflects our emotional and spiritual health. It also reflects our character, our relationship with the Self, with others, with the surrounding world and all of existence.

The information it offers us can help us to better understand the present moment, thus allowing for awareness, which will have repercussions on building the future, as choices and behaviors will then be more conscious, and will allow them to better conduct their projects of life.

With the Aura Reading some impediments are unblocked and harmonized so that everything flows more harmoniously.

In this therapy, situations from the past or even past lives may arise that are associated with behavioral patterns in the present moment and that impede physical, emotional and / or spiritual well-being.

The Aura Reading also allows for a cleansing of the chakras, releasing the disharmonized energy installed there.

At the time of Reading, the person is in a perfectly conscious state, and can even ask pertinent questions.

The Aura Reading can be done whenever the person so wishes, they can opt for a generic Aura Reading for adults, as well as choose specific themes, namely relationships.

There is also the possibility of Aura Reading for children.

Who can read Auras?

We are all born with the same energy reading skills, however, it has faded away in most people with growth and integration into the modern world. We can re-awaken these dormant capacities and acquire this simple and useful tool in our times. By reading your main chakras it is possible to understand the energetic dynamics that exist within each one of them and learn to listen to the Higher Self that will help bring to awareness the solutions to overcome current challenges and evolve spiritually.

Aura Reading provides profound opportunities for inner healing and release from patterns that impede your personal fulfillment. By reading the aura of others, you not only help humanity to evolve, but you receive spirit-to-spirit information that is also essential for your own growth.

This learning is therefore available to those who consciously seek and desire it.

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